What people say after their tidying session. 

I am so overjoyed that I contacted you! It was the mist liberating experience I have ever had!
It is so hard to believe what we did.

You are a wonderful lady. You were easy to work with. You are very genuine! Kind heart!
I could go on and on!
— K.O Kuna
Yoko helped me identify the real ïssues in the closet. I thought my fabric was an issue because I have so much of it. Yoko pointed out that the fabric was actually cared for and organized. I needed to remove other items that were in taking up valuable real estate and did not spark joy. I recently finished a very large queen size quilt. Creating order again in the sewing closet is quick and easy since every item has a place now.

Yoko brings a calm, reassuring presence which makes decision making easier and nearly painless. Instead of feeling guilty about letting items go, it feels cleansing.
— V.M. Kuna
Removing items from the pantry felt very freeing. It is much easier to find what I want and to identify what needs to be replaced. I also realized I did not need any fancy organizational supplies. I may find a container for cereal, but other than that, we were able to use items I already own.
— V.M. Kuna
Our storage closet was a complete disaster. We had years of pile up, tons of old equipment, equipment parts, and just general junk! It looks amazing now, everything is organized, labelled, and there is a huge amount of open space to move around in. Yoko had a great process that made what seemed to be an insurmountable task very manageable. She has a system for organizing items and a very good eye for recreating a space that was previously a disaster. If you are looking for someone to help unclutter your business I would HIGHLY recommend her!
— B.B. Boise
Inspired and ready to get on with this remodel so I can continue to have a place for everything, and everything in its place. I have found myself calm and easily using the tools of tidying to eliminate excess as I pack up our house
— J.W. Boise
Relieved and unburdened - everything was well categorized after the session!
— C.N. Boise
Relieved and grateful.
— V.M. Kuna
Tidying has a calming, de-stressing effect.
— K.P. Boise
It helps with making your life easier :)
— M.T. Boise
I feel much better after tidying my closet. Thank you.
Now I don’t have items on the counter, and its looks neat and tidy. It is also very easy to clean. I can show my grandkids where things are meant to be. I know where things go and where to find them. It is easy to see. I don’t have to buy these items until they are gone.
— M.S. Japan
It looks tidy and organized! I like the bookstands and sticker labels. It is easy to see individual categories. It is easy to access and know exactly where they are at now. I don’t need to look for paper items anymore. I would like to show everyone my space.
I have so many papers to go through. Categorizing them helped me see what I have. I am glad I found certain items that have been missing, and important papers that need to be kept for a long time.
I threw away 3 garbage bags full of my shoes! I did not realize they could become so old. I am glad to know which ones fit me well. I am not sure why I was holding on to the damaged and unused shoes. Even the ones I liked. I thought I might use them someday, but I never did.
Before the session, I had two full closets in a separate room. Afterward, my items fit in one closet. I only needs to look for items in one place! Also, I had a guilt of letting go off because they were very expensive when I purchased the items.
It is a tiring and overwhelming process. I am glad you are here to help me out.
Originally, I thought I did not own very many items. But, I ended up with 5 bags to get rid of. I am very happy with the organization of my closet and the travel ready drawer. I think the closet is also much easier to maintain as a tidy space.
Ohhh, I love my room!
— T.T. Boise