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Hello from Your Friendly Neighborhood KonMari Consultant 

Life truly begins only after you have put your house in order.
— Marie Kondo


Hello! I am Idaho's first certified KonMari Consultant. Are you overwhelmed with clutter? Do you wish for more time focused on the things you love most? Maybe, you have tried organizing your home, but do not feel satisfied with the results? I can help! Tidying an entire home can be an overwhelming process. I will help you get organized with an inventory of your entire home, and then keep you on track by surrounding you with the items that speak to your heart!

Declutter and organize your home or office with the KonMari method™. 

We will work together to follow the KonMari method™ to declutter and organize your home. This method was a created by Marie Kondo, the Japanese tidying consultant who sold 10 million copies of  her book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up". 

This method helps eliminate clutter by common categories in a short span of time (Clothing, Books, Paperwork, etc). You will notice instant results that will empower you to keep your space in order for good! 

Once you have your house in order, your items will all have a place where they belong. As a result, regular cleaning becomes as easy as putting things back into their proper place.

I am passionate about helping my clients surround themselves with the items they truly love and support their lives. Our goal is to create an environment where you are surrounding by whatever brings you joy!

After our tidying sessions, you will 

-     Gain Confidence

-     Know Yourself Better

-     Gain Control Over the Items in Your Life

-     Be Mindful of Your Purchasing Habits and Possessions

-     Establish Healthy Routines

-     Save Time With and Organized Home

-     Add to the Joy and Happiness to Your Life


KonMari method™ In-Home Tidying Consultation

The primary service offered by Tokimeki Tidy is a traditional in-home tidying consultation. This process follows the KonMari method™ in which categories of items are reviewed in multiple 3-5 hour work sessions.

Base Fee for Services: $300 for each three to five hour session. This is normally enough time for clients to see noticeable improvements. If you still have the energy to keep going, the rate for additional time is $50/hr. 

Recommended Package Pricing (all payments are non-refundable.):

  • 6 sessions Package (30 hours) - $1,650

    • Typically covering: Clothes, Books, Papers, Kitchen, Other Items, and Sentimental Categories

  • 10 sessions Package (50 hours) -$2,500

    • Typically Covering: Categories from 6 session package, plus Pantry, Stationary/Hobby, Garage (x2), and Sentimental Categories

The total cost of services for a full home varies based on the house size, family structure, total amount of personal belongings and clients available time to work on homework between sessions. A more detailed estimate can be provided following the first tidying session together. 


Why should you hire Yoko as your KonMari tidy consultant?

As a Tidy Consultant and Professional Organizer, I offer professional services to help transform your home and improve your everyday life.

My mindful process will simplify your life, and help focus your belongings on the things you care about most. 

Just like me, the KonMari method has its roots in Japanese culture. I have studied this method in both languages, and can offer unique insight others might miss. Combined with my experience guiding others through this process, I am well suited to be your expert guide for this important journey.

I have worked with many different types of clients.  They all agree that having an expert on hand for their tidying process was a huge help. Even people who started the KonMari journey on their own commented that my guidance was essential to seeing things through to the end.  

My job as a consultant is to walk through each step of the process and help you reach your goal. This process is not easy, but my experience as certified KonMari consultant will help simplify the process and anticipate the challenges you will face. I am here to provide the physical and mental support you will need.  Also, with my advice you will achieve a faster and longer lasting result.  

Let me share the burden and help you find your tidy life!

About Me


I am originally from Japan, and have had the benefit of learning the KonMari method™ in two languages! I have attended the KonMari consultant seminar in 2016 and am a certified KonMari consultant. As the mother of three boys, I understand the value of having a tidy home. From first hand experience I can say that the KonMari method™ has been an effective way for me to maintain my tidy home in the shortest amount of time. 

In addition to a tidy home, I am also interested in anything that contributes to a tidy life and self improvement. This includes Montessori education, homemade production, cooking delicious organic foods with my family, and taking care of myself with Volleyball, CrossFit and Jiu Jitsu.

Read More About Yoko in her featured consultant article from the February 2018 KonMari Media Newsletter.


Entering another person's home to help them sort through personal belongings can be an extremely personal business! My promise is to be respectful of your privacy and belongings as we move forward. 

My job is to help you declutter and organize your home. As the owner of your items, you will make every decisions about what to discard and what to keep. Your instincts toward items that bring you joy will be the standard for your decision making.